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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. an epic upset in massachusetts as the final votes come in for the senate seat. >> plugs the u.s. navy ship the comfort can treat its first haiti earth quake victims in less than an hour. 9news now is on board with the latest. and why this little rock left a local doctor with a story that is really out of this world. this is 9news now. >> on the eve of the first anniversary of its presidency, barack obama has suffered a political blow that could spell an end to health care reform and put the brakes on the rest of his agenda. >> voters have voted a republican. gary nurenberg is here with the results and the consequences. gary. >> reporter: anita and derek, republican scot brown won the most democratic states in the country. republicans are already saying it demonstrates voter rejection
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of the obama presidency. expressed through a rejection of cokely. >> i wish we were here with other and better news tonight. but we are not. >> reporter: brown read a savvy campaign promising to stop health care reform knowing the nation is watching this. >> i bet they are can hear this cheering all the way in washington dc. >> it's a big shock, i think, and a big wakeup call to democrats. >> reporter: american university professor says the extra senate seat gives republican a lot more power. >> it means 41 republican senators. it means they can block health care and any other parts of the obama agenda. >> reporter: democrats will scramble to save health care reform, possibly by having the house reform in such a way that a return to the senate will be unnecessary. but vulnerable democrats may be less willing now to vote yes. >> it feels like it's an anti-incumbent year and that voters in massachusetts and
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elsewhere are saying i don't know. these income bants got us into a mess and maybe we should just get new people. >> reporter: unintended consequence for the president. >> it probably means that he has to do that bipartisan ship that he talked about when he came to washington. >> reporter: but seeing what the strong anti-obama campaign about for brown tonight, the question is whether the republicans will see a reason to play ball in an election year. >> tough question. now to a disturbing story unfolding tonight in central virginia. eight people murdered. and right now dozens of police officers trying to corner the killer. they identified the suspect at 39-year-old chris mer spaton. they tie him -- christopher spaton. they tie him to all of the murders. mies are not talking motive just yet. but as you might imagine,
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neighbors can't believe what they're hearing. >> he will be on the internet va state website. >> it's shocked what happened. it's a terrible thing. i mean, it's a right tight community. pretty much everybody knows everybody. >> well, once again, police believe they have him surrounded somewhere in the woods. they hope he will surrender without a fight. we'll update you when we get new information. a look now with the new est developments in haiti. an estimated 200,000 people are dead from a quake that rocked the country one week ago today. at least 250,000 are injured with more than a million left homeless. governments from around the world have pledged nearly $1 billion in aid and thousands of tons of food and medical supplies have been shipped. now, the problem is getting all of that to the people who need it. it has been a logistical nightmare. today the u.n. security council approved sending another 3500 troops and police officers to
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haiti to beef up security in the streets and help distribute supplies. the u.n. is working with the u.s. and other nations to open more landing sites for planes and get more hospitals up and running. we also have new developments tonight from the u.s. navy ship comfort. the comfort is expected to drop anchor off the coast of haiti by tomorrow. but severely injured earth quake victims are already being flown to the floating hospital. our scott broom is on the phone right now and joins us live from on board the comfort. i know how long the people have been waiting to get there, scott. >> reporter: it's a stunning team tonight. i'm stabbing in an area -- standing in an area of the team below the deck. it means casuality receiving. and just about 20 minutes ago the first of the patients came in off the choppers. it was a 6-year-old boy with a badly crushed pelvis and a 20-year-old man with head injuries and spinal cord injuries. the comfort has not even dropped anchor yet, but these two patients were on the u.s.
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carrier and the doctors on board that ship felt like these were critical patients. they needed them to get to the comfort immediately, even as the ship is still steaming towards haiti. tonight as i watched the little 6-year-old boy begin to be treated, he grabbed the hand of one of the doctors. and it was quite a moment. and the little boy told a creole speaking crew member translating, he didn't know where his parents were. he hadn't seen them. but at the age of six and incredibly critical condition he was in, he was able to give a cell phone number. presumably this child hasn't seen his parents since the earthquake happened and one of the doctors here came out and said he may not know where his parents are but he has a whole ship load of people who care for him just like any other parent would. the 20-year-old man has just been wheeled away for a cat scan. that's one of the services that an aircraft carrier and field hospitals don't have. this is the most capable hospital ship in the world and
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it is finally close enough now that they can begin to receive helicopters. so, again, the very first haitian patients are now on the u.s. naval hospital comfort and they're being cared for right before my eyes. reporting live from the comfort, scott broom, 9news now and >> scott, thank you so much. presumably many more patients will be coming in from the refugee camps and damaged hospitals in haiti. thank you. now, let's get to some chilling video of the quake as it shook an orphanage. a missionary was videotaping other aid workers playing and talking with the children. the children's laughter quickly turned to screams of terror and the walls began too crumble down around them. luckily, believe it or not, everybody got out safely. well, for haitians living here in dc, the incredible loss and the uncertainty brought on by the quake make for a brutal cocktail of stress and pain. that's why the haitian embassy
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here is has mobilized a team of brief counselors and surae chinn is telling us how they're helping us deal with circumstances we would find unthinkable. >> absolutely. emotions are running high. every range of emotion is going through that haitian embassy. the counselors are finding the staff and volunteers who are there to help those in need dealing with their own grief as best they can. >> every day it feels like forever. every now feels like a day. >> sandra doesn't even know if she's lost family members because she hasn't heard from many of them. her cousins and aunts all missing. >> plus you're numb. you feel so helpless. >> she is a volunteer coordinator for the embassy's relief effort. >> it's the shock and waiting for answers. >> but here carroll lee is a clinical psychologist serving as a grief counselor coordinator. >> it's a little too much for people to face right now. so as we do the collective grief, as we do the visuals, as
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we work together, people are helping each other. >> staff and people around the clock are trying to deal with their own loss. >> sometimes i'm lost in their stories when somebody said i just lost my brother. then i come out of my own grief and have to sit by them and help them grieve. >> the layers of emotions are overwhelming. >> lives lost. the loss of a country. the loss of dreams. >> she hurts for her family, the people of haiti and also for her homeland, a country lost under so much dispair. she says it's painful seeing images of her crumbled nation, a nation she remembers much differently. she would like to see that sunset in her country again, what she calls a little piece of heaven. >> nobody asked me where are you from. where are you really from. it's home. and it's hard. >> there are half a dozen
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organizations and face base groups involved in the network of kouns horz. the -- counselors. the team plans to go into the community. >> very tough to count the grieving yourself. don't forget to log on to and help donate to the relief effort. new at 11:00, we speak with a man who may have helped save the lives of two teenagers and their dad. tonight the victims are in the hospital recovering from carbon dioxide poisoning. it all started when this 15-year-old called his counselor from circles of hope. he told brown he wasn't feeling well and was going in and out of consciousness. his twin brother and dad had passed out. brown tried to call 911 to get somebody to the boy's house in dc but had a hard time because he was calling from virginia. >> we do all we can to help these kids. but today there's only one hero in this case and that's the twin, the one that called me.
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because if he don't call, the possibility they don't be here. >> emergency crews took the twins and their father to the hospital for treatment. doctors tell us they have all three regained consciousness. taking a quick look now at news from across the nation, a storm moving through southern california brought high winds, waves and lightning, even prompted a tornado warning. there was some sort of windy vent that tore off a roof. officials would not confirm it was a tornado, however. the flood also flooded several roads, turning streets into rivers. a face healing death trial began in oregon today. a teenager died from complications from a urinary blockage the doctor said could have been treated. the boy's parents are accused of trying to use prayer. the couple didn't realize the seriousness of the disease because the 16-year-old's symptoms resembled a cold or a flu. a 4-year-old texas boy disciplined for having long hair
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is back in class with a brand new due. the boy's hair is long but his mom is now braiding the locks and pinning them back and the school is okay with that. the boy had been separated from his classmates since november from breaking the school dress code. and only on nine, a day at the doctor's officended with a story that's truly out of this world. we'll explain after the break. top. >> after a high of 60, getting cold again tonight. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather 8:00. trying to get the kids off to school and get the last cup of coffee. it's going to be chilly in the morning. temperatures 42-45. we'll come back and i'm changing wednesday's forecast and we'll talk about the chances for precip wednesday night and thursday. stay tune. are men now marrying for money? the tables may have turned when it comes from the bread winner of many american homes.
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five years in prison, that's the sentence for a young bethesda than that pleaded guilty for storing bomb making chemicals in his closet. prosecutors allege that he also plotted to assassinate president obama during his campaign for office. important to note, however, they never charged him with any such plot. authorities in germantown are searching for a trouble maker with a match. the arsonist set fire to an apartment complex on eagle's nest court right in the middle of the night. firefighters had to rescue four people from their own balcony and they took one person to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. the damage forced eight people from their homes. fires also forced a rockville family from their home, but at least no one was seriously hurt. the credit goes to a family member who helped his cousin and his 10-year-old daughter get outside safely. this fire broke out and investigators say an electrical
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malfunction ignited some bedroom curtains. ladies, is it time to look your man in the eye and ask did you marry me for the money? a role reversal among many married couples. women are much more likely to earn more than their husbands and have a better education. that number jumped from 4% to 22. we hit the streets and found out a lot of guys have absolutely no problem with that. >> my wife makes more than i do. i don't have a problem with it. >> as long as the money is all contributed to the same household, then it shouldn't be a problem. >> well, what do women think? in another survey, nearly nine out of ten said they would rather have a husband who talks to them and shares the housework than a husband who makes more money than they do. you probably heard the story about chicken little and the sky is falling? well, for one local man, this fairy tail came true. james hash explains with the story you'll only see on nine. >> reporter: we didn't really understand what
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happened to us. we are in our offices doing our work. and while we're sitting there at quarter to 6:00, we hear an explosion. >> reporter: this doctor got an un expected visitor to their offices last evening. a visitor from outer space. >> we were very startled. we don't know what happened. >> reporter: it wasn't a little green man, though, but a little gray rock. >> that's about it. it started to sink in. this was a meteorite that hit our office. >> reporter: it is a meteorite known as a con driet. a tiny chunk of rock made up of particles that coalesce together millions of years ago as our own solar system was formed. it traveled through space through untold millenia. >> and maybe about ten feet from us, thank god there were no patients or doctors in that room. >> reporter: hundreds of meteorites fall to earth each year, but most are never found. >> i guess these meteorites occur on a regular basis, but certainly not to us. >> reporter: he says he'll
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never forget meeting this extra terrestrial visitor. >> i felt closer to the universe today, no doubt about that. >> reporter: james hash, 9news now and wusa9. . >> and you do not want to miss an all new late show with david letterman. here is a quick preview. >> i thought this was courageous on conan o'brien's part. he says he want to work for a network that is more trust worry than nbc. wants to work for a network more trustworthy than nbc. how about al jazeera. >> that was a little tough. time now for a check with chief meteorologist topper shutt. is it going to get colder? >> it is. they show a new clip of the new movie duane the rock johnson. that's all i'm going to say. the next three days it's going to get colder. after our 60 today, it's going
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to seem unbelievable. then upper 30s thursday and friday. a little bit of light snow possible tomorrow night. and then the first california storm could bring us some cold rain thursday. could go to a mix thursday night and could very well end as accumulating snow on friday. so we'll keep you posted. weekend is flanking me. not too bad. overnight, mostly cloudy, chilly, a couple of sprinkles have popped up. we'll keep sprinkles in the forecast. low temps in the 30s. you can always access our radar an again, winds light northwest at ten. tomorrow morning partly sunny and colder. 30s and 40s. howard will have your bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. then tomorrow afternoon clouds come back in. colder. snow or a light mix is possible overnight. high temperatures near 45. during the day no problem whatsoever. it would be late, late tomorrow night. in fact, winter's little comeback, a light mix. the mix could end in snow friday
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and it's going to stay colder through friday. we're in the midst of a thaw but every once in awhile winter will come back. it's january, after all. satellite picture, radar combined, we resume in the west. a monster storm out west. we have two storms. this storm eventually will peel off to the east, reform off the carolina coast and that will be our system on thursday night and friday. the second california storm gets here on sunday. we're going to be on the warm side of that. no worries whatsoever in terms of winter precipitation for the second storm but not the first storm. next seven days, 44 tomorrow. light snow possible tomorrow night. and then storm number one california gets here. cold rain to mix to possibly accumulating snow friday morning. upper 30s for highs. but flirting with the freezing mark at night. and then we bounce back into the upper 40s on saturday. second storm gets here sunday. but, again, it's warm. rain upper 40s. maybe a leftover shower on monday and 50. >> there is too much of the mix
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stuff going only. you need to clear that out. >> i would like to. well, hockey fans know the red wings are bad men. >> they are. and every time they come to oun, i think of the -- town, i think of the stanley cup finals. so any time we get payback against detroit, i think it's grand. tonight there was a palace coup. plus the slice of pizza that sent this redskin to jail. 9 sports explains coming up. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> tough to compare the caps franchise to the red wings franchise. detroit has 17 conference wins. if the playoffs began tomorrow, the caps would be the one seed and the red wings would be out at the phone booth. forget about hockey town, we're the capital of hockey. and the mayor tonight was theodore. 44 saves for the caps. many spectacular. he stood on his melon tonight. caps down in the third.
11:25 pm
ties it at two. and then 46 seconds later david steckel on the rebound, have a nice flight home, detroit. 3-2 final. caps win all props in the net. >> i'm watching him going this is how he did because without him it could very well have been 6-0 at end of the first period. >> he was good. jim and george on long island in green and cam long was dead red. the junior guard four of five. mason wins by 18. they're 12-7. despite the terps being in the meat of the acc schedule right now, they scheduled a game against long wood university opting for a lesser point. although it turned out to be a day off anyway. what would turn out to be the largest margin of victory in that building's history, shaun
11:26 pm
moseley on the wings for three. maryland by 27 at the break. and then off the miss here by adrian bowie. terps break 100 for the first time since '06. >> it was a big win for us. any one is a big win. the coach emphasized who we were playing and we have to come out and play hard. we played hard tonight tonight. >> wednesday afternoon in australia already, third day at the opening. andy is now 7 and 0 on the year. he won the season opener last week. fun stuff at the net right there. he wins straight set tonight. federer all win. with so much attention on mike shanahan the last couple of weeks, bruce allen has become the silent partner in this redskin transformation. he's working all of the pulleys and levers behind the scenes. we caught up with them in
11:27 pm
orlando today at the practice session. allen scouting various seniors as possible draft picks and planning. >> you get a coach like mike shanahan, a defensive coordinator, you think you can build for the foundation. we got ourselves a world class head coach and we're putting together a coaching staff so we have high hopes for the future. >> i like the shirt. finally a redskin was arrested yesterday for public intoxication. he wasn't driving. he was trying to get a slice of pizza. the pies re yeah was -- pizzaria was closed. he tried to break the window. you can't break the law. you can't be publicly intoxicated. i've been there at 2:00 in the morning with a couple of drinks in me needing a slice of pizza
11:28 pm
bad. i'm not condoning. i understand. >> so do i. >> you actually do. >>. [ laughing ] >> we'll be right back. it's definitely expensive having a growing family, and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget.
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we're being attacked by a
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wintery mix. >> exactliment -- exactly. >> i was thinking the same thing. we're okay tomorrow and then a much stronger system thursday night and friday. it could be a mix. could end in snow on friday. >> hoping for a remix. >> that is tonight's news tonight. >> don't forget, we're always on on stay tune for letterman. good night.
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